Prevents Data Breaches with Deep Packet Inspection (DPI). Would have detected LOG4J and SUNBURST data theft immediately. Database encryption does NOT stop the theft of database data when Hackers have penetrated security defenses. Morgan Stanley in 2021 disclosed a Data Breach where Hackers stole customer names, addresses and Social Security numbers. Data was encrypted however Hackers were able to obtain the decryption key to unencrypt the database data. 

Protecting encrypted (and unencrypted) confidential database data is much more than securing databases, operating systems, applications, email and the network perimeter against Hackers, Supply Chain Attacks, Email Attacks and Rogue Insiders. 

Advanced SQL Behavioral Analysis of the real-time database activity detects and shuts down Hackers immediately. Does not connect to the protected database servers. Available for DB2, Informix, MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, SQL Server and Sybase


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