Database Cyber Security Guard detects Zero Day, Data Breach and Ransomware Attacks within a few milli-seconds with Deep Packet Inspection. Would have detected the LOG4J and SUNBURST data breaches immediately. Protects data as organizations move to the cloud. Performs real-time threat prediction and prevention.

March 30, 2024. ATT data breach exposed the records of over 73 million customers.

February 29, 2024. Golden Corral American restaurant chain disclosed a data breach after attackers behind an cyberattack stole the personal information of over 180,000 people.

January 22, 2024. LoanDepot a leading provider in the loan and mortgage industry reported a significant cybersecurity breach impacting approximately 16.6 million customers. Customers had their sensitive personal information stolen by Hackers.

December 16. 2023. MongoDB announced its corporate databases were breached and that customer data was accessed by Hackers. The unauthorized access had been going on for some time before being discovered.

September 01, 2023. MSSQL databases hacked by DB#JAMMER. After infiltration Hackers expand their foothold within the target server and use MSSQL as a beachhead to launch several different payloads.

Morgan Stanley in 2021 disclosed a breach where customer names, addresses and social security numbers were stolen. Data was encrypted however Hackers were able to obtain the decryption key to unencrypt the database data.

The Database Cyber Security Guard informs Security Professionals and DBAs of Zero Day, Ransomware and Data Breach attacks within milli-seconds when Hacker, Rogue Insider, Supply Chain, 3rd Party Cyber Risk, Phishing Email, Dev Ops Exploit and SQL Injection Attacks occur. A next generation approach to Data Loss Prevention (DLP).

Protects credit card, tax ID, medical, social media, corporate, manufacturing, trade secrets, law enforcement, defense, homeland security, power grid and public utility data. Supports key GDPR compliance requirements.

Product performs real-time Data Loss Prevention using Deep Packet Inspection of 100% of the database network packets. Does not need to connect to the protected database servers. Protects 24×7 all data in DB2, Informix, MariaDB, MongoDB, MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, SQL Server and SAP Sybase cloud and on-premises databases. 


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